Instructors Iaido

Iaido Faculty

Luis Carrasco, Ph.D - Instructor Emeritus

Luis Chuden_small
Nidan - Iaido, Sandan - Aikido
Instructor Emeritus, Raleigh Aikikai

Luis started his martial arts training in 1986 in Lima, Peru. He practiced Siu-Lan (Shaolin) Kung-Fu and added Aikido to his practice in 1990, when he joined the Aikido Dojo at the “Centro Cultural Peruano Japones” in Lima. He received his 1st Dan in 1994. In 1998, he joined the Aikido Dojo of the “Asociacion del Colegio La Union” in Lima. During that time and before moving to the United States, Luis cross-trained with practitioners of different martial styles. From 2000-2004 he practiced at the Aikido Club at NC State University, at which he also was chief instructor. Luis became a member of Raleigh Aikikai in 2002 and received his Aikido 3rd Dan in 2013. In 2007 Luis began his study of Iaido and was awarded the rank of Nidan in December of 2013. Luis was the Chief iaido Instructor for Raleigh Aikikai from the inception of the Iaido program until 2016. Luis still returns periodically to Raleigh Aikikai to teach and train.

Marc A. Cubeta, Ph.D - Chief Iaido Instructor

Nidan - Iaido, Sankyu - Aikido

Dr. Cubeta received his Shodan in December 2011. He also practices Aikido and holds the rank of sankyu. In 2016, Marc assumed the role of Chief Iaido Instructor.

Robert Gutierrez

Shodan - Iaido, Shodan - Aikido

Robert received his Shodan in December 2012. He also practices Aikido and holds the rank of Nikyu.
(Robert is currently on work assignment in Minneapolis, MN)

Steven Loudermilk

Shodan - Iaido, Yonkyu - Aikido

Steven received his Shodan in 2015. He also practices Aikido and holds the rank of Yonkyu.
In 2016 he assumed the role of Iaido Dojo Cho and in addition to teaching, is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Iaido program.